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 November, 15th , thuersday

 03.15 p.m.     Welcome to all delegates

 1st Symposium

Depression, mental health and physical health: one problem  ---  Chairs: Giuseppe Tavormina, Ivan Urlic

 03.30 p.m.     Depression and physical health, the therapeutic alliance and antidepressants  ---  Nicolas Zdanowicz1, Ch. Reynaert1, D. Jacques1, B. Lepiece1, T. Dubois1, F. Godenir2, V. Pivont3 – 1)CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne, Belgium. 2) CHU Namur, Hopital St Vincent, 5550 Dinant. Belgium. 3) CHU Namur, Clinique St Elisabeth, 5000 Namur (Belgium)

 03.45 p.m.   Relationship between cognitive remediation and evaluation tools in clinical routine - Francesco Franza, B. Solomita – "Villa dei Pini" Hospital -  Avellino (Italy)

04.00 p.m.   Perception of continuity of care and communication between psychiatric department and general physician : the alcoholic patient’s point of view  ---  Pierre Patigny , N. Zdanowicz, B. Lepiece - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

04.15 p.m.   SSRI effects on self-injurious, aggressive and behavior disorders in developmental disabilities - Sandro Elisei – "Serafico Institute" -  Perugia (Italy)

 04.30 p.m.   Incidence and prevention of deep venous thrombosis in physically restrained patients in psychiatry ---Juan Tecco1, Alexis Therasse1, Adriano D Ventura2, Humberto L Persano2 - 1Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons, Belgium - 2Eating Disorders Unit, Hospital Borda , Ramon Carrillo 375, Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

 04.45 p.m.   Neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a patient treated with clotiapine ---  Clementine Cantin , M. Franco, FX Dekeuleneer, D. Chamart, J. Tecco - Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons (Belgium)

04.55 p.m.     Discussion

05.10 p.m.           Coffee break

  2nd Symposium

Mental health across the lifespan  --  Chairs: Nicolas Zdanowicz, Sandro Elisei

05.30 p.m.   Pregnancy denial until the 7th pregnancy's month: a case report  --  Denis Jacques1, N. Zdanowicz1, E. Delgrange1, T. Dubois1, A. Maricq2 - 1 CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne, Belgium, 2GHDC, Charleroi (Belgium)

 05.45 p.m.   Triage of children with mental health difficulties presenting in A&E in a general hospital - Anne Frederique Naviaux – Community Mental Health Centre Summer Hill - Wexford (Ireland)

 06.00 p.m.   Stressful childhood events: a retrospective journey into the life of adults with depression; 5 cases report - Dominique Tavormina - Clinical Psychologist Center - Bergamo (Italy)

 06.15 p.m.   Ecosustainability and mental health - Marilisa Amorosi – Mental Health Dept. - Pescara (Italy)

 06.30 p.m.   Psychomedical consequences of restrictions of access to unemployment benefits - Gévaudan Thalia De Ruffi de Pontevès, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.40 p.m.   Transient personality disorder induced by a football match --- Miriam Franco , C. Lantin, FX Dekeuleneer, X. Bongaerts, J. Tecco - Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons (Belgium)

 06.50 p.m.       Discussion

07.15 p.m.                End of first day of the congress



 November, 16th , friday

 3rd Symposium

The psychiatry between biology and neurology  ---  Chairs: Juan Tecco, Gottfried Treviranus

 09.30 a.m.   Immunity and psychiatric disorders: are the variability of immune biomarkers specific?  --  Thomas Dubois, D. Jacques, B. Lepiece, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 09.45 a.m.   Sleep disorders: are they a genetic question? - Giada Juli, L. Juli – Mental Health Dept. - Catanzaro (Italy)

 10.00 a.m.   Rewriting neural pathways to stop depressive distress in a suspended space away from every day life - Maria Grazia Spurio – Psychotherapist - Roma (Italy)

 10.15 a.m.   Mozart’s music and multidrug-resistant epilepsy: a potential EEG index of therapeutic effectiveness - Sandro Elisei –"Serafico Institute" -  Perugia (Italy)

 10.30 a.m.   Correlation between P300 wave, VCN wave and immunity factors  --  Camille Demont, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 10.40 a.m.     Discussion

11.00 a.m.           Coffee break

  4th Symposium

The prejudices in psychiatry  ---  Chairs: Immacolata d’Errico, Francesco Franza

 11.15 a.m.   Mental illness and prejudices in psychiatric professionals ---  Maurilio Tavormina, Romina Tavormina – Mental Health Dept. - Napoli (Italy)

 11.30 a.m.   Depression and prejudices: the problem of the psychiatric hospitalization --  Alba Cervone –Mental Health Dept. -  Napoli (Italy)

 11.45 a.m.   The involuntary hospitalization in acute patients, between medical act and social control --  Giulia Menculini, P. Moretti, N. Verdolini, R. Lanzi, G. Pomili, A. Tortorella – Mental Health Dept - Perugia (Italy)

 12.00 a.m.   Mobility in psychiatry, an alternative to forced hospitalization? --  Gérald Deschietere - Psychiatric Emergency Unit, Department of Adult Psychiatry, Clinique universitaire Saint Luc, Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels (Belgium) 

12.15 a.m.  The Precision Psychiatry, an individualized approach to the diseases  --  Gianfranco Del Buono, F. Franza – Mental Health Dept - Salerno (Italy)

12.30 a.m.   Unfit to plead : mad or dangerous ? --  Pierre Schepens, V. De Baeremaeker - Clinique de la forêt de Soignes, La Hulpe (Belgium)

12.40 a.m.   Does mental healthcare professionals' stereotypes leads to discontinuity of care for migrants patients? --  Brice Lepiece, Th. Dubois, D. Jacques, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 12.50 a.m.     Discussion

01.15 p.m.                    Congress break

  5th Symposium  

Social networks, eating disorders and artworks   --   Chairs: Marilisa Amorosi, Patrizia Moretti

 05.00 p.m.   The role of the social networks between a utility and a new addiction -- Annalisa Colucci – Psychologist, Napoli (Italy)

 05.15 p.m.   Overcoming depression with Dance Movement Therapy: a case report -- Romina Tavormina –Psychologist,  Napoli (Italy)

05.30 p.m.   The body that suffers: manipulation and disconfort in the eating disorders  --  Maria Rosaria Juli –Psychologist ,  Foggia (Italy)

 05.45 p.m.   How artworks can gather unspoken yet deeply felt experiences. Using narrative lab in daily psychiatric center - Immacolata d’Errico – Psychiatrist and Post-Constructivist Psychotherapist - Bari

 06.00 p.m.   Management of patient with anorexia nervosa  --   Carole Jassogne,  N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.10 p.m.   Why cyberbullied teenagers remain in contact with their harasser?  --  Eugenie Khatcherian, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.20 p.m.     Discussion

06.45 p.m.                End of second day of the congress

 08.30 p.m.                Gala dinner



 November, 17th , saturday

 6th Symposium

The Psychiatry and the Arts  --  Chairs: Alba Cervone, Romina Tavormina

 09.30 a.m.   The neuroscience of music - Shentong Wang, M. Agius – Univ. of Cambridge (UK)

 09.45 a.m.   Visual arts and neurobiology-on empathy: the perception of the self and the finding of creativity and self-expression in art  --  Anna Makeever, M. Agius– Univ. of Cambridge (UK)

 10.00 a.m.   Corbusian architecture and brutalism - Shentong Wang – Univ. of Cambridge (UK)

 10.15 a.m.   Guidelines and electronic systems intended to enhance safety and efficiency relevance to aesthetics - Anna Mckeever - Univ. of Cambridge (UK)

 10.30 a.m.   Does schizo-affective disorder explain the mental illnesses of Robert Schumann and Vincent Van Gogh?  --  Yasmeen Cooper, M. Agius – Univ. of  Cambridge (UK)

 10.40 a.m.     Discussion

11.00 a.m.           Coffee break

                                               Congress break

 7th Symposium

Bipolar spectrum and bipolarity  --  Chairs: Nicolas Zdanowicz, Juan Tecco

 05.00 p.m.   Genius and madness: between normality and pathology  --  Giuseppe Stranieri – Mental Health Dept. - Catanzaro (Italy)

 05.15 p.m.   The sadness - Marcello Nardini, I. D’Errico - Univ. of Bari (Italy)

 05.30 p.m.   Depression and comorbidity: symptom, syndrom or a deep psychic disturbance? - Ivan Urlic – Univ. of Split (Croatia)

 05.45 p.m.   High prevalence of lifetime hypomanic symptoms in patients with eating disorders  --  Valentina Del Bello  , G. Spollon,  A. Cervino, A. Di Cervo, T. Sciarma, U. Volpe, A. Tortorella - Mental Health Dept. - Perugia (Italy)

 06.00 p.m.   A rescue of "Thought-Action-Mood" via cortico-subcortical "dimensional" loops generates a speaking and "mixable" codification of appropriative behavior (moderated by mast cells) --  Gottfried Treviranus – Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist - Berne (CH)

 06.15 p.m.   Dyshporia: a symptom or a syndrome? - Patrizia Moretti – Mental Health Dept . - Perugia (Italy)

 06.30 p.m.   How understanding the temperaments can help the clinicians to do a correct diagnosis of bipolar mood disorders - Giuseppe Tavormina – Psychiatric Studies Centre - Brescia

 06.45 p.m.     Discussion

07.15 p.m.                End of the congress

 08.30 p.m.                The dinner of the Friends  (everyone likes to take part has to book it during the congress, before  the “Gala-dinner”)


1) -  Every speaker of the “Psychiatric Studies Centre” is a Member of the Association: these speakers will not pay the registration fee.  For “Institutional Members” of “Cen.Stu.Psi.”: only the speaker will not pay the registration fee (other Members of the Institutional Member will have to pay a registration fee of € 50).          

2)  -  Any other Congress delegate will have to pay the registration fee (€ 100 – for registration modalities please contact Dr Giuseppe Tavormina: ).  For Medical and/or Psychologist students, the registration fee will be of € 50.

3)  -  The “Gala dinner” of Friday November 16th will have the cost of € 50 (for booking it, please contact Dr Giuseppe Tavormina).

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