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 November, 15th , thuersday

 03.15 p.m.     Welcome to all delegates

 1st Symposium

Depression, mental health and physical health: one problem  ---  Chairs: Giuseppe Tavormina, Ivan Urlic

 03.30 p.m.     Depression and physical health, the therapeutic alliance and antidepressants  ---  Nicolas Zdanowicz1, Ch. Reynaert1, D. Jacques1, B. Lepiece1, T. Dubois1, F. Godenir2, V. Pivont3 – 1)CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne, Belgium. 2) CHU Namur, Hopital St Vincent, 5550 Dinant. Belgium. 3) CHU Namur, Clinique St Elisabeth, 5000 Namur (Belgium)

 03.45 p.m.   Relationship between cognitive remediation and evaluation tools in clinical routine -Francesco Franza1, Barbara Solomita2, Ferdinando Pellegrino3Gino Aldi  4  ---- 1  Consultant  of Mental Health Dept. "Villa dei Pini" Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, Avellino (Italy) -2Psychologist, Neamente Neuroscience Association, Avellino (Italy) -3Mental Health Department, ASL Salerno, Nocera Inf (Italy) -4Psychotherapist, Zetema Association, Caserta (Italy)

04.00 p.m.   Perception of continuity of care and communication between psychiatric department and general physician : the alcoholic patient’s point of view  ---  Pierre Patigny , N. Zdanowicz, B. Lepiece - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

04.15 p.m.   SSRI effects on self-injurious, aggressive and behavior disorders in developmental disabilities - Sandro Elisei, Moreno Marchiafava, Chiara Bedetti  
–  "Serafico Institute" -  Assisi (Italy)

 04.30 p.m.   Incidence and prevention of deep venous thrombosis in physically restrained patients in psychiatry ---Juan Tecco1, Alexis Therasse1, Adriano D Ventura2, Humberto L Persano2 - 1Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons, Belgium - 2Eating Disorders Unit, Hospital Borda , Ramon Carrillo 375, Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

 04.45 p.m.   Neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a patient treated with clotiapine ---  Clementine Cantin , M. Franco, FX Dekeuleneer, D. Chamart, J. Tecco - Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons (Belgium)

04.55 p.m.     Discussion

05.10 p.m.           Coffee break

  2nd Symposium

Mental health across the lifespan  --  Chair:  Nicolas Zdanowicz, Mark Agius

05.30 p.m.   Pregnancy denial until the 7th pregnancy's month: a case report  --  Denis Jacques1, N. Zdanowicz1, E. Delgrange1, T. Dubois1, A. Maricq2 - 1 CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne, Belgium, 2GHDC, Charleroi (Belgium)

 05.45 p.m.   Triage of children with mental health difficulties presenting in A&E in a general hospital - Anne Frederique Naviaux – Community Mental Health Centre Summer Hill - Wexford (Ireland)

 06.00 p.m.   Stressful childhood events: a retrospective journey into the life of adults with depression; 5 cases report - Dominique Tavormina - Clinical Psychologist Center - Bergamo (Italy)

 06.15 p.m.   Ecosustainability and mental health - Marilisa Amorosi – Consultant of Mental Health Dept. - Pescara (Italy)

06.30 p.m.   The Precision Psychiatry, an individualized approach to the diseases -- Gianfranco Del Buono  – Mental Health Dept - Salerno (Italy)

06.45 p.m.   Psychomedical consequences of restrictions of access to unemployment benefits - Gévaudan Thalia De Ruffi de Pontevès, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.55 p.m.   Transient personality disorder induced by a football match --- Miriam Franco , C. Lantin, FX Dekeuleneer, X. Bongaerts, J. Tecco - Hopital Ambroise Paré, Psychiatric Dpt, Mons (Belgium)

 07.05 p.m.    Self Harm and Suicidality: an audit of follow-up in primary care - ME Ferreira Bruco 1 , C. Gamlin 1 , J.Bradbury,1S.Bill,1C.Armour, M. Agius3-1University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine -2Suffolk Primary Care -3University of Cambridge Department of Psychiatry, Clare College, Cambridge (UK)

07.15 p.m.       Discussion

07.30 p.m.                End of first day of the congress



 November, 16th , friday

 3rd Symposium

The psychiatry between biology and neurology (1st part)  ---  Chairs: Juan Tecco, Gottfried Treviranus

 09.30 a.m.   Immunity and psychiatric disorders: are the variability of immune biomarkers specific?  --  Thomas Dubois, D. Jacques, B. Lepiece, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 09.45 a.m.   Sleep disorders: are they a genetic question? - Giada Juli, L. Juli – Mental Health Dept. - Catanzaro (Italy)

 10.00 a.m.   Rewriting neural pathways to stop depressive distress in a suspended space away from every day life - Maria Grazia Spurio – Psychotherapist - Roma (Italy)

 10.15 a.m.  The importance of anxiety in understanding how decision making is affected in autism spectrum disorder  - Ankit Chadha,  Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge (UK)

 10.30 a.m.   Correlation between P300 wave, VCN wave and immunity factors  --  Camille Demont, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 10.40 a.m.     Discussion

11.00 a.m.           Coffee break

  4th Symposium

The prejudices in psychiatry  ---  Chairs: Immacolata d’Errico, Francesco Franza

 11.15 a.m. Mental illness and prejudices in psychiatric professionals - (Data from the social stigma questionnaire for psychiatric professionals: a multicentre study) Maurilio GM Tavormina 1– Romina Tavormina 2– Francesco Franza 3– Antonella Vacca 4 – Wilma Di Napoli 5 --- 1 Mental Health Dept., Naples (Italy) - 2 Centre of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Naples (Italy) - 3 Neuropsychiatric Center “Villa dei Pini”, Avellino (Italy) - 4 Psychologist consultant for Psychiatic Rehabiltative Communities, Brindisi (Italy) - 5 Mental Health Dept., Trento (Italy)

 11.30 a.m.   Tailoring treatment for Major Depressive Episode: Lessons learned from the inpatient unit - Alba Cervone, G. Esposito, G. Cimmino – Mental Health Dept., Napoli (Italyy)

 11.45 a.m.   Involuntary hospitalization and violent behaviors: medical act or social control? A 3-year retrospective analysis  --  Giulia Menculini, P. Moretti, N. Verdolini, R. Lanzi, G. Pomili, A. Tortorella – Mental Health Dept , Univ of Perugia (Italy)

 12.00 p.m.   Mobility in psychiatry, an alternative to forced hospitalization? --  Gérald Deschietere - Psychiatric Emergency Unit, Department of Adult Psychiatry, Clinique universitaire Saint Luc, Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels (Belgium) 

12.15 p.m.  Unfit to plead : mad or dangerous ? --  Pierre Schepens, V. De Baeremaeker - Clinique de la forêt de Soignes, La Hulpe (Belgium)

12.25 p.m.   Does mental healthcare professionals' stereotypes leads to discontinuity of care for migrants patients? --  Brice Lepiece, Th. Dubois, D. Jacques, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

12.35 p.m.  Is electroconvulsive therapy any more effective than simulated electroconvulsive therapy in treatment-resistant depression? – Alexander Bow – Emmanuel College, Univ. of Cambridge, UK

 12.45 p.m  A Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder review: the prevalence of underreporting and the role of stigma in the Military - Hayley P. Johnson1 - Mark Agius2 -- 1Clinical School University of Cambridge, Selwyn College Cambridge (UK) - 2Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

12.55 p.m.    

01.15 p.m.                    Congress break     

  5th Symposium  

Social networks, eating disorders and artworks   --   Chairs: Marilisa Amorosi, Patrizia Moretti

 05.00 p.m.   The role of the social networks between a utility and a new addiction -- Annalisa Colucci – Psychologist, Napoli (Italy)

 05.15 p.m.   Overcoming depression with Dance Movement Therapy: a case report -- Romina Tavormina 1, Maurilio Tavormina 2 --- 1  Centre of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Naples (Italy) - 2  Mental Health Department, Naples (Italy)

05.30 p.m.   The suffering body: manipulation and disconfort in eating disorders  --  Maria Rosaria Juli –Psychologist ,  Foggia (Italy)

 05.45 p.m.   How artworks can gather unspoken yet deeply felt experiences. Using narrative lab in daily psychiatric center - Immacolata d’Errico – Psychiatrist and Post-Constructivist Psychotherapist - Bari (Italy)

 06.00 p.m.   Management of patient with anorexia nervosa  --   Carole Jassogne,  N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.10 p.m.   Why cyberbullied teenagers remain in contact with their harasser?  --  Eugenie Khatcherian, N. Zdanowicz - CHU UCL Namur, Mont-Godinne (Belgium)

 06.20 p.m.     Discussion

06.45 p.m.                End of second day of the congress

 08.30 p.m.                Gala dinner



 November, 17th , saturday

 6th Symposium

The Psychiatry and the Arts  --  Chairs: Alba Cervone, Romina Tavormina

 09.30 a.m.   Neuroscience and visual art:   moving through empathy to the Ineffable   - Mark  Agius – Univ. of Cambridge (UK)

 09.45 a.m.  The use of Music Therapy in the treatment of Mental Illness and the enhancement of Societal Wellbeing - Shentong Wang1 – Mark Agius2 - 1Clare College Cambridge , School of Clinical Medicine University of Cambridge (UK) - 2Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

 09.55 a.m.   What is Beauty? Should Doctors point out Beauty to their patients during therapy? - Mark Agius, Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

 10.10 a.m.   Does schizo-affective disorder explain the mental illnesses of Robert Schumann and Vincent Van Gogh?  --  Yasmeen Cooper, M. Agius – Univ. of  Cambridge (UK)  

 10.20 a.m.   Mozart’s music and multidrug-resistant epilepsy: a potential EEG index of therapeutic effectiveness - Sandro Elisei, Chiara Bedetti, Moreno Marchiafava i – "Serafico Institute" - Assisi (Italy)

 10.35 a.m.     Discussion

10.50 a.m.           Coffee break

7th Symposium

The psychiatry between biology and neurology (2nd part) --- Chair:  Mark Agius, Rashid Zaman

 11.15 a.m.  Tertiary Syphilis (General Paralysis of the Insane) and Bipolar Disorder; the role of these two disorders in the life of famous composers -Isabelle McGill 1

- Mark Agius 2 --- 1 Clare College Cambridge , School of Clinical Medicine University of Cambridge (UK) - 2 Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

 11.25 a.m. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors: an overview - Amol Joshi, Emmanuel College Cambridge (UK)

11.35 a.m. Dementia risk assessment and risk reduction using cardiovascular risk factors - Anna McKeever1 - Mark Agius2 3 -   1University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine - 2Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge - 3Clare College, University of Cambridge (UK )

11.45 a.m. Innovative approaches to improving the image of psychiatrists and psychiatry amongst medical students and doctors in the UK - Rashid Zaman1,2 Fredrick R Carrick2,4 Ahmed Hankir2,3,4 --- [1] Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) -[2] Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge (BCMHR-CU), Cambridge (UK) - [3] Leeds York Partnership Foundation Trust, Leeds (UK) -[4] Department of Psychiatry, Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, Cape Canaveral, FL (USA)

12.00 p.m.  Discussion

12.15 p.m.                      Congress break

From 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm there will be a free tour for delegates at the Franciacorta "Barone Pizzini" winery.    Departure by bus from the hotel.

 8th Symposium

Bipolar spectrum and bipolarity  --  Chairs: Sandro Elisei, Juan Tecco

 05.15 p.m.   Genius and madness: between normality and pathology  --  Giuseppe Stranieri – Mental Health Dept. - Catanzaro (Italy)

05.30 p.m.  The persisting sadness, an inclination to become emotional: the case of inspector Ricciardi gifted with the capacity to feel pain - Marcello Nardini, I. d’Errico - Univ. of Bari (Italy)

05.45 p.m.   Depression as a comorbidity of disorder not recognized in adolescence - Ivan Urlic – Univ. of Split (Croatia)

 06.00 p.m.   A rescue of the appropriative “thought-action-mood” space: anatomy and mast cells generate “mixable” dimensions in language and statistics - Gottfried R. S. Treviranus - Psychiatrische Praxis am Unitobler Campus - Berne (CH)

 06.15 p.m. Dysphoria as a psychiatric syndrome: a preliminary study for a new transnosographic dimensional approach - Patrizia Moretti, M. Bachetti, T. Sciarma, A. Tortorella – Mental Health Dept., Univ. of  Perugia (Italy)

 06.30 p.m.  How understanding the temperaments can help clinicians to make a correct diagnosis of bipolar mood disorders: 10 case reports - Giuseppe Tavormina – President of Psychiatric Studies Centre - (Provaglio d'Iseo, Brescia - Italy)

 06.45 p.m.     Discussion

07.15 p.m.                End of the congress

 08.30 p.m.                The dinner of the Friends   (everyone likes to take part has to book it during the congress, before  the “Gala-dinner”)

                  Poster Session  (the Poster Session will be displayed along all the congress):

-  Ethical and Organisational considerations in screening for dementia - Thomas J M Weatherby 1 , Mark Agius2 3 - 1University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, 2Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge - 3Clare College, University of Cambridge (UK)

 - The neuroscience of music: a review and summary - Shentong Wang1 – Mark Agius2 - 1Clare College Cambridge , School of Clinical Medicine University of Cambridge (UK) - 2Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

- The effect of music therapy sessions on the interactions between children and their parents and how to measure it, with reference to attachment theory. - Shentong Wang1 - Amelia Oldfield2 - 1Clare College Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine University of Cambridge (UK) - 2Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR), Anglia Ruskin University (UK)

- The psychology of scars: a mini-review - Millie Ngaage1 – Mark Agius2 - 1Clinical Research Fellow  University of Maryland / R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma CenterMarylan (USA) - 2Clare College Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry University of Cambridge (UK)

- Why might an elderly man stop his medication? - Tanvi Acharya1, Mark Agius2 - 1Emanuel College, Cambridge - 2Clare College, Cambridge – (UK)

 - Writing poems and capturing photoes can help the psychiatrist to improve his humanity and mental health of the patients? - Giuseppe Tavormina - President of "Psychiatric Studies Center" – Brescia (Italy)

 - Dignity therapy: prevention of suicidal risk in the penitentiary area - Mariangela Perito - Psychologist, Neamente Neuroscience Association – Avellino (Italy)

 - Aesthetic experience: when emotions become a care - Maria Grazia Spurio - Psychotherapist - Director of educational and psychological center "Genius Academy" – Roma (Italy)


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3)  -  The “Gala dinner” of Friday November 16th will have the cost of € 50 (for booking it, please contact Dr Giuseppe Tavormina).

4)  - The  “Cen.Stu.Psi.” Association will not cover travel and accomodation costs (the “Iseolago Hotel” will provide a special prize for delegates for accomodation: please, contact the Hotel by e-mail: ).  

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